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Facility Requirements for FEIT Inspections


You may have a facility that may be able to host an inspection.

Here are the facility requirements.


Normally, FEIT tries to get a "donated facility/arena" and each participant pays a stall fee or trailer-in fee directly to the barn. That way, we can keep the fees as reasonable  as possible. When facility rent is required, we often have to charge more per horse, on top of the regular stall fee, or we have to require more than the usual minimum of 12 sign-ups, in order to cover the expenses. Facility rent can often make a location harder to bring together.

Host barns need to have 10-20 day stalls available (some can work from their trailer if need be) and an indoor or covered arena that is safe to turn horses loose in (high enough side rails is important!). All inspected horses, including babies and stallions, have a liberty portion of the evaluation that is required to judge the canter.

We can hold an inspection anywhere that has adequate facilities, where there are enough participating horses to cover the minimum costs - usually 12 to 15. We can post any "possible" location on the website and see what kind of response comes in. If there are enough entries 60 days prior to the scheduled date, then we can go ahead with the location, and if there are not, we simply cancel the location. So, it can't hurt to try. Once it looks like we have a fair amount of interest, then we can pick a firm date and secure a judge, based on availability.


Inspection dates are traditionally in the fall, but we can schedule inspections for any time of year. Please be aware that dates for fall are often not set until June (at earliest), prior to the inspection date.

Here is what we need to know about the facility:

Is this barn willing to donate the facility use or would it be a rental situation?

If rent for the arena is required, how much per day and what are their basic requirements?

What are the stall fees? (we try to keep this to no more than $20-30 for a day stall, but every situation is a bit different)

Are over-night stalls available and if so, how many and at what price?

Do stalls include bedding, or should participants bring their own?

Does the facility require a trailer-in fee for people who do not want a stall?

Is a negative Coggins required for 6 or 12 months prior?

Does the facility require any specific proof of vaccinations?

Does the facility have a website? If so, we will post it on the FEIT locations page.

What are the insurance requirements of the facility? (we can have every participant sign a hold-harmless for the barn, if they provide one and we have a standard one that each participant always has to sign, on the FEIT entry form). FEIT also carries general liability insurance.

Do they have a lounge area? Access to a fridge?

What is the trailer parking situation?

What is their dog policy?

Does the facility, or a local volunteer host, have a place (basic, clean guest bedroom) for the judge and one official to stay? If not, what are the local recommended hotels?

Additionally, it is nice to offer lunch somehow during the day. It can be sold or donated - either way, as long as someone "local" volunteers to sell/donate it and manage it during the day. Pony clubs or 4-H kids and other local clubs are often willing to do "lunch duty" as a fund raiser for their group.