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Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse Intl

International Purebred Appaloosa Association

Link to Drafthorse Cross Registry of America

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About FEIT

Assessment of Quality & Suitability While Maintaining Breed Identity

FEIT is the first, and only, independent equine inspection tour in the USA.  FEIT allows ALL horses of ALL breeds to participate, regardless of age, gender, breed or registration.  Anyone who wishes to have an opinion and a score from the judge

 may have their horse inspected.

FEIT inspections are judged by licensed, highly experienced, USEF R Judges.  Horses are presented in hand and at liberty and the quality of the horse’s conformation, walk, trot and canter are evaluated, discussed and scored. Riding and driving tests are also available at some locations.

Horses are scored 40% on conformation and 60% on movement. For horses that qualify, first, second and third premiums are given and ribbons and certificates are awarded.  All horses scoring 7.7, and over, will have their quality further acknowledged by also receiving an award of “High Merit”.

The judge makes an evaluation as to the horses suitability.

FEIT currently has three different Suitability Standards and one breed standard that horses may be judged against and more standards may be added in the future:

*Sporthorse Inspection Standard (traditional Olympic disciplines)

 *Park Inspection Standard (for riding or driving horses with high knee action)

*Utility Inspection Standard (Western disciplines, Hunters, Driving)

Breed-Purebred Friesian Inspection Standard


Interested in promoting and improving the overall quality of your breed?

(Registry affiliations with FEIT are encouraged, but are not required for horses to be inspected)

Current Affiliates:

Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International

International Pattern Sport Horse Registry

The Gypsian Horse

Sugarbush Draft Horse Registry

International Purebred Appaloosa Association

Draft Cross Registry of America

Moriesian Horse Registry

International Georgian Grande Registry


Inspections Are Valuable & Educational & Promote Responsible Breeding!

Inspections are generally viewed as a good way to assess the quality of the horses breeding and producing offspring within a registry or breed type. Inspections also help to educate breeders and buyers about the type and quality they are aiming to produce or buy.

Some owners find these inspections useful in terms of having the horse(s) professionally evaluated for conformation and for potential for various disciplines. They are particularly useful as a marketing tool. Buyers often find a horse with a good inspection score more appealing than a horse without one. For breeders, it helps to establish the overall quality of their breeding programs and often, helps them to see where improvement is needed. 

Email: FEIT@equineinspections.com   Phone:  (805) 680-1911 or (651) 653-6217


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