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International Purebred Appaloosa Association

Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse Intl

Link to International Pattern Sport Horse Registry

Link to Drafthorse Cross Registry of America

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Registry Affiliation

Current affiliates:

Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International

International Pattern Sport Horse Registry

The Gypsian Horse

Sugarbush Draft Horse Registry

International Purebred Appaloosa Association

Draft Cross Registry of America

Moriesian Horse Registry

International Georgian Grande Registry



We highly recommend affiliation with FEIT for registries, clubs and organizations, who wish to offer their members the option to participate in inspections.  Affiliation with FEIT provides value for the affiliate organization, and their members as well. However, affiliation is optional and horses may still participate in the Open division, even if their horse’s registry or group is not an affiliate. 

The fee for a registry to be an affiliate of FEIT is determined on a sliding scale, based on the number of horses registered within the affiliate registry. 

For example:  a small registry with 100 registered horses would pay $50 for the year.  A larger registry of 1200 horses would pay $600 for the year.

Non-registry organizations may affiliate with approval from FEIT, but please contact FEIT to determine eligibility and fees.

FEIT affiliates receive the following:

1. The name of your group and your logo will be placed on the FEIT website with a link to your organization’s website.

2. Horses registered with an affiliate group are separated out from the “Open” division horses and receive specific mention of their affiliated organization during the awards presentation.

3. FEIT will provide each affiliated organization with a complete list and ranking of scores, from their participating horses, at the end of the calendar year.

4.  Participation results from all inspected horses are published on the FEIT website.  Horses from affiliated groups will be given specific mention as belonging to their affiliate organization.  Horses participating as ‘Open”, who are not with an affiliate group, will not have their registry name listed.

5. All inspected horses receive a “certificate of inspection.”  The name of the affiliated organization will appear on the certificate.

6. Horses who are registered with an affiliate registry will receive the discounted a price, per horse, on the inspection sign-up fee.

Further benefits of being an affiliate registry:

You help to support the “cause” – so that we can all strive for quality horses within our registries.

It provides a service to your members and encourages new registrations within your registry so that people can be included in the year-end standings.

There is no need for you to worry about general awards:  You may choose to provide your own year-end awards to horses within your registry, but we will provide the rest!  Each horse that is inspected gets a certificate of inspection and, if you are an affiliated registry, your organization's name logo will appear on each certificate.  Additionally, we will provide, to each horse who scores 6.0 and above, a premium ribbon of 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  Furthermore, we provide a ribbon of “High Merit” to each horse that scores 7.7 and above (in addition to their premium ribbon).

There is no need for you to have to hassle with setting up your own inspections; no hiring of judges, no having to book flights and hotels.  No need to arrange for the facility or pay the insurance for the facility. 

No need to maintain inspection information on your website. No need to write/print a breed standard or entry forms, nor will you have the hassle of receiving and processing them. No need to keep track of tons of paperwork – we do it all for you!

Affiliated registries and organizations must place the FEIT logo and link on their website, either on a main page or other obvious page or under a specific link titled "Inspections".  Due to frequent Location & Site Information changes and to possible rule changes FEIT will be the official website. FEIT is under no obligation to inform affiliates or individuals of updates or changes.  It is the responsibility of the organization and individual participants to visit the FEIT website to view these changes.


Horses registered with Non-Affiliate Registries

Horses not registered with an affiliate registry may participate in the Open division, but specific mention of registry names will not be made for those horses.  Scores will be given directly to the owners of the horses and will not be provided by FEIT to their non-affiliate registries. Year end results will be published as “Open” and only the type or breeding of the horse will be listed and all Open horses will be listed under one group – not the horse’s registry name.  Price for Open horses $165