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Assessment of quality & type while maintaining breed identity!

Horses Judged on the Sport Horse Standard in 2006

Randolph, Minnesota  October 14, 2006   Thank You, Blackshire Equestrian Center

Delicious Design

Yearling filly

1/4 Friesian & 3/4 Appaloosa

Owned by Cindy Bellamy

7.940  Sire: Grand Design

Site Champion

Friesian Appaloosa Inspection Champion Delicious DesignHigh Merit


Yearling colt

1/2 Friesian and

1/4 Shire and 1/4 Clydsedale

Owned by Marilyn Johnson

 7.90  Sire:Ljibbes Valour

Site Reserve Champion

Friesian Sport Horse Inspection Reserve Champion StellarHigh Merit

Zero Gravity

Purebred Friesian Stallion

Nine years old

Owned by Kayla Hagel

 7.737   Sire: Nero

Friesian Stallion Zero GravityHigh Merit


Custom Design

 3 month old colt

1/4 Friesian and 3/4 Appalcosa

Owned by Amy Hoppe

7.687  Sire: Grand Design



Five year old gelding

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Thoroughbred

Owned by Nancy Hippen

7.813  Sire: Nero

High Merit


Hollyhock Mariposa

5 year old mare

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Morgan

Owned by Pamela Eller

 7.700 Sire: Nero

High Merit



Yearling filly 

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Appaloosa

Owned by Rebecca Dubois

7.320  Sire: Novi


Jack Sparrow of Legend Woods

Yearling gelding

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Holsteiner

Owned by Kayla Hagel

7.107  Sire: Novi



Nero's Knight Mistique

Seven year old stallion

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Percheron

Owned by Ralea Casperson

7.780  Sire: Nero

High Merit


Novi's Sweet Sylvan

 Yearling gelding

 1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Throughbred

Owned by Kayla Hagel

7.067  Sire: Novi



Hollyhock Margarita

3 year old mare

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Morgan

Owned by Pamela Eller

6.867  Sire: Nero

Friesian Sport Horse & Moriesian

Darkest Design

Yearling colt

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Appaloosa

 Owned by  Cindy Bellamy

6.947  Sire: Dante of Mystic Valley


Friesian Sport Horse-Darkest Design

Wind Swept Vandora

3 year old mare

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Arabian

Owned by Wendy Wustenberg

6.800  Sire:Vanyel

The photos and information provided on this page are the property of FEIT. Copying the information or photos contained on this page is prohibited without permission. Most of the horses on this page were registered with the FSHR at the time of the inspections. Inspection services were provided in conjunction with Federated Friesians and private parties.