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Inspection Results for 2016

Be sure to visit the links below to view all of the horses judged in 2016

 Click here to see all of the horses Judged at

 Nunda, New York


 Click here to see all of the horses Judged at

Cato, Wisconsin


 Click here to see all of the horses Judged at

Port Orchard, Washington


National Ranking of High Merit Horses for 2016

Listed by Standard or Type


 Horses judged to be Sport Horse Type

Amalfi Drive

Mare   DOB: February 12, 2005  16.0 3/4 H


Sport Horse Type

Score: 7.721 Red-2nd Prem. High Merit

Sire: Desert Warrior    Dam: Carson Countess

Owned by Mary McCormack


 Friesian's judged to be Sport Horse Type

Nordic Gala

Stallion  DOB: June 27, 2012  16.0 H

Friesian-Sport Horse Type

Score: 7.760  Red-2nd Prem. High Merit

Sire:Mintse 384

 Dam: Klaske Ester P.

Owned by Kate McAuliffe & Mark Bramley

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Stallion  DOB: May 5, 2003  16.0 1/2H

Friesian-Sport Horse Type

Score: 7.743 Red-2nd Prem. High Merit

Sire: Onne 376

Dam: Viduna

Owned by Miguel Sanchez Duarte

Friesian Heritage Horse International