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Assessment of quality & type while maintaining breed identity!

Pinckney, Michigan- October 30, 2010

His Royal Equestrian


High Merit Horses  Scores of 7.7 and above

1st Blue Premium Horses  Scores of  8.0 and above

 2nd Red Premium Horses  Scores of  7.0 to 7.99

3rd Yellow Premium Horses  Scores of  6.00 to 6.99

Friesian Standard Park/Carriage Type


Stallion  DOB: May 10, 2005  16.2 1/2 H

Friesian - Park/Carriage Designated

Score: 7.595  Red-2nd Prem 

Sire: Nanning 374

Owned by Jennifer Horvath

Friesian Heritage Horse International

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Marina Last Not Least

Filly  DOB: May 27, 2010 

Friesian - Park/Carriage Designated

Score: 7.232  Red-2nd Prem 

Sire: Baron (Berend)

Owned by Robin & Joseph Watson

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Park/Carriage Standard

Marijke of Varna

Mare  DOB: July 16, 2005  16.2 H

1/2 Friesian 1/2 Morgan

Score: 7.436  Red-2nd Prem 

Sire: Douwe of Varna

Owned by Leslie Sartori

Friesian Heritage Horse International

Utility Standard

SRP Harley

Gelding  DOB: April 27, 2002

15.0 1/2 H  Arabian

Score: 7.70  Red-2nd Prem.  High Merit

Sire:   GL Beyondthecall by *Aladdinn

Owned by Amy Brechting

Open Division

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Rohan's Hawaian Koa

Colt  DOB: May 14, 2010

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Thoroughbred

Score: 7.589   Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Rohan

Owned by Steve & Mary Grubey (& Morgan?)

Friesian Heritage Horse International

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Time Well Wasted

Mare  DOB: May 10, 2007  16.0 1/4 H

1/2 Thoroughbred and 1/2 Percheron

Score: 7.464  Red-2nd Prem 


Owned by Heather Tuzinowski

Open Division

Saturday Night Dealer
Gelding  DOB: May 21, 2008 
1/2 Friesian & 1/2 Pinto
Score: 6.826  Yellow-3rd Prem
Sire:  Danash K.
Owned by Sue Casey
Friesian Heritage Horse International

Barons Moon Dancer

Colt  DOB: April 30, 2009 

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Thoroughbred

Score: 6.497  Yellow-3rd Prem

Sire:  Baron (Berend)

Owned by Stephen & Carolyn Lewis

Open Division


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