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Assessment of quality & type while maintaining breed identity!

Yelm, Washington- October 24, 2010

Serenity Farm


High Merit Horses  Scores of 7.7 and above

1st Blue Premium Horses  Scores of  8.0 and above

 2nd Red Premium Horses  Scores of  7.0 to 7.99

3rd Yellow Premium Horses  Scores of  6.00 to 6.99

Sport Horse Standard
Beautiful Dreamer
Mare  DOB: May 8, 2007  14.3H
1/2 Friesian & 1/2 Saddlebred
Score: 7.741  Red-2nd Prem
Sire: JG Key to Your Dreams
Owned by Kim Leasure Davis
Friesian Heritage Horse International

DX's Fina Magic

Mare  DOB: May 3, 2007  15.1 1/2 H 

1/2 Friesian & 1/2 Paint

Score: 7.577   Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Taj Mahal

Owned by Crystal Gaunt

Friesian Heritage Horse International



Utility Standard

SF Its A Mirakel 

Filly  DOB: May 28, 2010

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Arabian

Score: 7.70   Red-2nd Prem

Sire: Rico v.d. Melder

Owned by Lilli Fletcher

Friesian Heritage Horse International



Mare  DOB: June 4, 2003  16.1 1/2 H

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Percheron-Quarter Horse

Score: 7.364  Red-2nd Prem 

Sire:  Celtic (Roi Des Blues)

Owned by Stephanie Bales

Open Division

Winsome Ebony Dancer
Mare  DOB: July 16, 2007  15.2 1/2 H
1/2 Friesian & 1/2 Azteca
Score: 7.258  Red-2nd Prem
Sire: Kramer 
Owned by Tammy Kaminski & Josephine Browne
Friesian Heritage Horse International


Whisky Lullaby

Filly  DOB: May 21, 2010

1/4 Friesian, 1/2 Thoroughbred &

 1/4 Belgian-Paint

Score: 7.237  Red-2nd Prem

Sire:  Orca

Owned by Sharon Katanik

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Snowy River of Orcas Island

Gelding  DOB: April 20, 2008

Gypsy Vanner

Score: 7.00  Red-2nd Prem 

Sire:  Lord of the Ring MLF

Owned by Ashara Morris

Open Division


Shitani of Orcas Island 

Gelding  DOB: April 30, 2009

1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Gypsy

Score: 6.940   Yellow-3rd Prem.

Sire:  Shandor of Orcas Island

Owned by Maggie & Ron Schuler, DVM

Open Division


Lady Teyla

Mare  DOB: April 4, 2005  14.2 H

3/4 Friesian and 1/4 Thoroughbred

Score: 6.800   Yellow-3rd Prem.

Sire: Roelof V 

Owned by Bobbie Jean Powell

Friesian Heritage Horse International


An Esprit

Mare  DOB: June 10, 2006

1/2 Friesian & 1/2 Arabian

Score: 6.692   Yellow-3rd Prem.

Sire: Knight's Dark Remark

Owned by Sheridan Kent and Jerri Larson

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Shandor's Rhys OFH EMF 

Colt  DOB: May 23, 2010


Score: 6.613   Yellow-3rd Prem.

Sire: Shandor of Orcas Island

Owned by Maggie Schuler and Bob & Jeanie Wier

Open Division



Shandor's Sophia EMF

Filly  DOB: June 16, 2010

1/2 Friesian & 1/2 Gypsy

Score: 6.443   Yellow-3rd Prem.

Sire: Shandor of Orcas Island

Owned by Jeanie Wier

Open Division


Friesian Standard-Sport Horse Type

Gharred P.F.

Colt  DOB: May 14, 2010


Score: 7.428  Red-2nd Prem 

Sire: Anne 340

Owned by Sheridan Kent & Jerri Larson

Friesian Heritage Horse International

Friesian Standard-Utility Type

Griffin Van De Burke

Colt  DOB: May 22, 2010


Score: 7.00  Red-2nd Prem 

Sire: Nanning 374

Dam: Wietske van de Dollen by Tsjerk 328

Owned by Lilli Fletcher



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