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Assessment of quality & type while maintaining breed identity!

Lynden, Washington-October 5 & 6, 2012

At the Northwest Washington Horse Expo

High Merit Horses  Scores of 7.7 and above

1st Blue Premium Horses  Scores of  8.0 and above

 2nd Red Premium Horses  Scores of  7.0 to 7.99

3rd Yellow Premium Horses  Scores of  6.00 to 6.99

Sport Horse Standard 

Uko's Mistover

Mare DOB: June 19, 2004


Score: 8.00 Blue-1st Prem. High Merit

Sire: Uko by Melle 311 Dam: Beach Towel

Owned by Michael Kolb

Friesian Heritage Horse International



Colt (5 mos) DOB: May 2012

3/4 Friesian & 1/4 Morgan

Score: 7.919 Red-2nd Prem. High Merit


Mare: Friesian/Morgan by Aswyn van de Pluum

Owned by: Jose Manuel

Open Division


DHF Isobel

Mare DOB: March 27, 2003


Score: 7.871  Red-2nd Prem. High Merit STER

Sire:Voltaire by Laes Dam:Woman O War

Owned by Shana Blum

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Utility Standard


Gelding DOB: August 10, 2007


Score: 7.859 Red-2nd Prem. High Merit

Sire:Uko by Melle 311  Mare:Flying Pepita

Owned by Nancy Rice

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Winsome Ebony Dancer

Mare DOB: July17, 2007


Score: 7.820 Red-2nd Prem. High Merit

Sire :Kramer  Mare : Ebony

Owned by Tammy Kaminski & Josephine Browne

Friesian Heritage Horse International



Filly DOB: May ?, 2011

Friesian/Quarter Horse

Score: 7.288 Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Diemer   Mare: Cleo

Owned by George Castro's friend

Open Division


Happy Hallow Tango's Gem

Filly (5 mos) DOB: April 17, 2011


Score: 7.170  Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Gypsy Mare: Arabian

Owned by Jennifer Gregston

Open Division



Colt (4 mos) DOB: June,  2012

Friesian/Quarter Horse

Score: 7.092 Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Diemer   Mare: Cleo

Owned by George Castro

Open Division


Diva Design

Mare DOB: June ?, 2007

Friesian/Quarter Horse

Score: 7.033 Red-2nd Prem.

Sire:Uko   Mare:Seminols Page

Owned by Tom CrabTree

Open Division


Happy Hollow Sage

Filly DOB: May 12, 2011


Score: 7.029 Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Gypsy Mare: Paint

Owned by Jennifer Gregston

Open Division


Neyteri Rose

Mare DOB: May14, 2010

Friesian/Saddlebred-Dutch Warmblood

Score: 7.018 Red-2nd Prem.

Sire : Jeljer (Sir Majjik)  Mare : Moonlight Goldenrose

Owned by Larisa Tjepkema

Friesian Heritage Horse International



Mare DOB:2007


Score: 7.012 Red-2nd Prem.

Sire:? Dam:?

Owned by Tom CrabTree

Open Broodmare Division


Friesian Standard-Sport Horse Type

Utta Martya of Orcas Island

Mare   DOB: June 06, 2006  15.1 H


Score: 8.067  Blue-1st Prem. High Merit

Sire: Teade 392 

Dam: Ginetta of Winterspring by Pyt 325

Owned by Maggie & Ron Schuler

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Friesian Park/Carriage Type (None)

Utility Type (None)

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