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Assessment of quality & type while maintaining breed identity!

Anna Texas-December 14, 2013

Thank You, Rose Hill Stables

High Merit Horses  Scores of 7.7 and above

1st Blue Premium Horses  Scores of  8.0 and above

 2nd Red Premium Horses  Scores of  7.0 to 7.99

3rd Yellow Premium Horses  Scores of  6.00 to 6.99

Sport Horse Standard

NHR Dark Tesora

Filly  DOB: March 1, 2013

Friesian X Andalusian

Score: 7.574 Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Darktanion (Rudy)

Dam: Belleza SPR

Owned by Heather Perillo

Friesian Heritage Horse International


NHR Solo's Dark Encore

Colt  DOB: March 28, 2013

Friesian X Knabstrupper

Score: 7.527  Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Darktanion (Rudy)

Dam: Macarn's Standing Ovation

Owned by Heather Perillo

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Utility Standard

GSF Gee Gee

Brood Mare  DOB: June 14, 2005

Gypsy  15.1 hands

Score: 7.577  Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Bee Gee

Dam: Aristocratic Charity

Owned by Stephanie Maca

Brood Mare-Open


Daenerys Storm Born

Filly  DOB: May 15, 2013


Score: 7.432 Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Darktanion (Rudy)

Dam: Schade of Schaduwen

Owned by Leah Dawson

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Celtic Mystical Mystery

Mare  DOB: May 23, 2010 14.2H

Pinto X Friesian/Pinto

Score: 7.412  Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Othello

Dam: Celtic's Mystical Night

Owned by Melissa Sherman

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Belleza SPR

Brood Mare  DOB: July 1, 1999

 Andalusian 15.3 hands

Score: 7.060  Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Maluso

Dam: Glaseada Real

Owned by Heather Perillo

Brood Mare-Open


Dark Briseis of Eire

Filly  DOB: February 22, 2013

 Friesian X Gypsy (Gypsian)

Score: 6.881  Yellow-3rd Prem.

Sire: Darktanion (Rudy)

Dam: GSF Gee Gee

Owned by Heather Perillo

Friesian Heritage Horse International

Park/Carriage Standard (none)

Friesian Standard-Sport Horse Type  (none)

Friesian Standard-Utility Type

Schade of Schaduwen

Brood Mare  DOB: April 12, 2006

Friesian  15.0 hnads

Score: 7.407  Red-2nd Prem.

Sire: Anslan of Honor Bright

Dam: Bathsheba D.

Owned by Heather Perillo

Friesian Heritage Horse International


Friesian Standard-Park/Carriage (none)

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